Broadley looks to increase Hundred Group’s scope

Prudential group FD Philip Broadley will use his new role as chairman of the
Hundred Group of finance directors to better represent the UK’s senior finance
professionals in Europe.

Speaking after his appointment, Broadley said the issues that matter to FDs
were ‘increasingly’ decided upon in Brussels, ‘where the Hundred Group is less
well known’.

‘I intend to continue to work with the main committee to ensure that we are
heard as widely as possible,’ said Broadley.

He is also looking to improve the dialogue between the Group and
institutional investors, widening the scope of discussions between the parties
beyond companies’ performance.

‘Whether it is IFRS, reform of auditor liability or taxation, there are many
areas of common interest between ourselves and our investors. I hope very much
to widen the dialogue between the Hundred Group and institutional investors,’
Broadley added.

Broadley replaces the popular and well-respected AstraZeneca group FD Jon

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