The Big Question – FDs endorse accountancy careers

More than two thirds of finance directors said this week they would urge their children to keep it in the family by pursuing a career in accountancy.

The vote of confidence in the profession comes in this week’s Big Question survey conducted by Accountancy Age with Reed Accountancy Personnel. FDs said the main attraction of accountancy was that it provided a good grounding in business and a stepping stone to company boardrooms.

Keith Valder, of S.A.S Software, said: ‘A career in accountancy is the best way to the board. People appreciate you more than any other area of business.’

Other finance directors highlighted the relative job security offered by the profession. ‘There is good training, good prospects and stacks of cash,’ said one upbeat FD.

But one in four respondents said that they would advise their children against a life in the world of accountancy. Many thought the profession lacked the feel-good factors of other careers.

‘I’ve been in accountancy for 40 years and have hated every minute,’ said one finance director, who asked to remain anonymous.

The responses, from 230 FDs, suggest that accountants in business feel more affinity with their profession than those in practice.

A profession-wide careers survey by Accountancy Age last week found that more than one in three accountants would pick an alternative career if they had the chance to choose again.

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