Anstee charity appeal to Big Four

Former ICAEW chief executive Eric Anstee is to ask Big Four partners to
contribute £2.5m in seed funding for an educational charity project to improve
access to the profession.

In a set up that will be known as The Foundation, Anstee is asking each of
the 2,500 partners in the Big Four to contribute £200 a year for five years to
the project, which will be used to fund the university education of youngsters
from underprivileged backgrounds who want to become chartered accountants.

After conducting fundraising within the Big Four, Anstee plans to go to
industry to raise further funds. He plans to eventually raise £10m.

Anstee also hopes to use a portion of the Foundation’s funds to sponsor
research into corporate governance.

Since his departure from the ICAEW, Anstee has focused on building his
non-executive career in addition to his charity work. He was recently appointed
as a non-exec at digital advertising company Screen FX.

Anstee had previously worked as finance director of FTSE 100 insurer Old
Mutual as well as FD of Energy Group and Eastern Electricity.

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