CIPFA will expand training to prepare for new parliament

CIPFA Scotland is planning to expand and enhance its education and training functions to provide highly skilled accountants for new and existing roles once the Scottish parliament is established next month.

Ian Doig, the public-sector institute’s director in Scotland, said continued development of finance staff in councils and other public-sector bodies would be ‘absolutely central’ when the devolved government was up and running after the elections on 6 May.

‘Lifelong learning is something CIPFA is committed to, and we’re trying to encourage continuing professional development. Training has often ended when members achieve qualification,’ Doig said.

Among the initiatives CIPFA wants to promote is the secondment of qualified members to other organisations. ‘We’re trying to get employers in Scotland to embrace this idea as a rewarding exercise,’ Doig explained. Secondments would allow a cross-fertilisation of ideas about public-sector financial management.

CIPFA believes the concept of unifying public-sector working to be vital.

The parliament’s limited fiscal control will mean public-sector FDs would still be in ‘highly important and influential roles,’ Doig said, adding: ‘There is going to be great demand for the skills of CIPFA members as practitioners.’

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