Accountancy Age is 40!

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The taxman’s battle to prevent staff defecting to the firms and industry
fears about providing non-audit services while getting too close to clients are
big issues affecting the profession. But, as Accountancy Age
celebrates its fortieth anniversary this year, these headlines are actually from
our first issue on 5 December 1969.

While some things stay the same, others change irrevocably.

Prime ministers, recessions, booms and crashes have all affected accountancy
for better or for worse.

The Big Eight firms shrank to the Big Four in just one decade. Andersen
infamously disappeared after the document shredding antics of some of its
partners relating to work with Enron.

Finance directors were billed first as beancounters, then as strategists,
before turning into today’s compliance, risk and cost-cutting experts.

According to Bob Willott, Accountancy Age’s first editor, and
director at Fintellect, the need for the magazine is as strong as ever.

‘We launched 40 years ago at a time of great controversy around accounting
principles,’ he said.

‘The need for Accountancy Age is just as important today, as the
prospect of accounting controversy is as great as ever, with business
transactions becoming increasingly complex.’

Celebrating the huge impact of the profession and 40 successful years of
publishing for its audience, Accountancy Age will run a host of events,
interviews and features this year. We will look back at some of the top stories,
and forward to predict where accountancy will stand at the end of the latest
economic crisis.

If you have any funny, serious or interesting stories related to the
magazine, then get in touch with us. Whether you found the job of your dreams
through Accountancy Age, or were featured on its front or back pages, get in
touch with us at,
subject: Anniversary.

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