A-level not a soft option, say FDs

Cambridge University last week issued guidance to prospective A-level
students, suggesting that if they wished to do an accounting A-level, they
should combine it with more traditional academic subjects, which the university
regards as better preparation for academic study.

But finance directors said that they did not consider the qualification a
soft option this week, as part of the Accountancy Age/Reed Finance Big Question

Of those surveyed, 57% said it was either probably not correct for Cambridge
to say it was a soft option, or definitely not correct.

One respondent said: ‘Accounting and mathematics are the most important life
skills needed to survive in modern business. How an institution with the
academic prowess of Cambridge University can dumb down the skill is beyond me.’

Another added: ‘companies are always going to need accountants.’

Only 14% thought Cambridge was correct. The university stressed that it had
not called the subject a soft option, as such. ‘We are not recommending people
avoid them, they just shouldn’t do those exclusively. Those are appropriate
courses for people heading in different directions,’ a spokesperson said.

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