More MPs fail tax return test

Institute president John Whiting, also a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, said the results were symptomatic of the ‘spiralling complexity’ in the UK tax system.

‘We picked MPs for obvious reasons. They are the guardians of the system and we are trying to bring home the problems to them,’ he said.

The news comes as it was announced Inland Revenue chief Nick Montagu is due to appear before the powerful House of Commons Public Accounts Committee to answer questions on self-assessment in October.

Last year 80% of MPs said they do not fill in their own self assessment forms, and Whiting said the growth of those who avoid the tax returns lends support to his campaign for a new committee to scrutinise tax legislation. ‘It all adds to my efforts,’ he said.

As a result of the survey many MPs, including a former Tory minister, have asked the CIoT to get in touch with more information on tax complexity.’We are hoping these MPs will actively support us in encouraging the government to take active steps to make the system simpler,’ said Whiting.


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