Higher pass rate with new qualification

The prediction comes as the institute launches its ‘new economy model’ qualification in response to the changing demands on accountants.

Executive director of education and training, Brian Chiplin, said: ‘There were too many holes in the previous system.’

The new qualification will use the institute’s own materials for the first time which Chiplin says will ‘remove a considerable amount of uncertainty’ between syllabus and final exams.

Chiplin said: ‘We will for the first time, provide teaching materials as part of a broader thrust towards closer integration of the courses and examinations.’

The education team putting together the new qualification has faced growing scepticism, both internally and externally, in the lead-up to today’s launch.

But, Chiplin said: ‘I can genuinely say that we have achieved our goal. These last 24 months have had something of the epic about them. The struggle to win hearts and minds, to convince a sceptical audience that we could deliver. Defections to the north of the border, detractors from the press, knife-edge deadlines and a seemingly impossible delivery date.’

Materials for the advanced level of the new qualification which entail the more business-oriented aspects of the course will not be available until next summer.

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