Putting the code into action

In October 1997 IMC was informed by the Institute of Management (IM) that they had recently rescinded the membership of an individual, who also claimed to be an IMC member, for providing a false certificate from a third institute when applying for IM membership. As the individual was indeed an IMC member, Council agreed that there was cause to instigate disciplinary procedures and the Disciplinary Committee met on 16 February 1998 to discuss the case. However, having received two letters from IMC’s executive director, Kate Hook, requesting clarification of the matter, the member concerned chose not to attend the meeting or to send a representative.

As the individual neither answered the specific questions put to him nor chose to appeal, the Disciplinary Committee recommended that he be excluded from IMC membership for breach of Rule 3.11 of IMC’s Code of Professional Conduct ie A member shall not wilfully give the Institute false, inaccurate, misleading or incomplete information.

For a copy of IMC’s Code of Professional Conduct, please call Margaret Johnson at the IMC on 0171 242 2140 or fax her on 0171 831 4597.

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