Entrepreneurs’ support for Labour nose-dives

Almost 70% of businesses employing between five and 19 staff say they are
worse off after the budget, compared with less than 50% of bigger businesses,
according to research by
The Tenon Forum.

Waning trust in Alistair Darling has led to a shift in political beliefs as
only 6% of small business owners feel Labour represents their best interests,
compared with more than 60% who support the Conseratives.

The Government’s plans to introduce legislation banning income-shifting from
2009 have also been deeply unpopular among entrepreneurs as 43% of those
operating family businesses claiming it will increase their tax bills.

Andrew Jupp, Tenon national head of tax, said entrepreneurs from both small
and medium sized businesses were the backbone of the UK economy, ‘so it’s
essential that the Government listens to their concerns and provides them with
the support they need’.

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