Budget 09: Taxpayers charter legislation brings cautious welcome

The setting in statute of the introduction of a taxpayers’ charter has met
with muted enthusiasm.

Although advisers welcomed the charter’s introduction into statute, which
will see the taxman report annually on how well it is meeting the standards set
in the charter, the current consultation document requires significant change.

‘To have the Charter founded in statute is something to be welcomed,’ said
CIoT president Nick Goulding. ‘However, the CIoT has very real concerns over the
content of the current draft charter and its direction of travel as we have said
in no uncertain terms in our recent response to the consultation document.’

Tenon director of taxation Roger Barnard said the proof of the importance of
the charter’s introduction into statue would be how it is policed and enforced.

‘Will the charter cause a genuine change in behaviour among HMRC staff? The
proof of the pudding is how it works in practice. But it is certainly helpful
that is will be set in statute.’

runs until 12 May.

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