Deloittes splashes #9m on ads

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu is to invest #9m in a series of adverts knocking the competition to help establish Deloitte Consulting as a global brand.

Adverts scheduled to run in US papers this week name leading rivals Andersen Consulting and McKinsey and contrast their services to Deloittes’ approach.

One ad runs: ‘Andersen Consulting: Distracted by in-fighting. Deloitte Consulting: Focused on our clients.’

Another borrows a line from McKinsey, ‘Only senior managers have the power to make change happen.’ In reply, it says, ‘Deloitte Consulting: Only employees have the power to make change endure.’

The campaign is divided into two strands. The first, which includes the two ‘naming names’ samples above, will not be published in Europe. Instead, Europeans will be treated to a second set of ads, known as ‘Them and Us’, which differentiates Deloittes from unnamed rivals. For example: ‘Them. Arrogance underscores results. Us. Arrogance undermines results.’

‘It’s a global campaign designed to raise the brand awareness of Deloitte Consulting among potential clients,’ said David Mandell, head of communications for Deloitte Consulting. ‘It has been checked culturally, based on what’s accepted in different regions.’

The negative campaign, devised by Keith Ferazzi, chief marketing officer for Deloitte Consulting, follows the tone of adverts first published last year responding to merger announcements from KPMG/Ernst & Young and Coopers & Lybrand/Price Waterhouse.

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