Dome saviour blasts NMEC board

David James has launched a blistering attack on the lack of proper investigation into the dome’s finances until he commissioned a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

James told the Guardian the report should have been commissioned sooner and added the costs of the project which have reached £830m could have been kept lower.

He said that too many of the board directors lacked commercial experience: ‘Where they have been amiss was in not providing an adequate record of what they were doing and committing to in very many areas.

‘There were 2,800 separate contracts and every one of those was set up in a hurry. The biggest single omission was no single register of all the assets was compiled, so we have no immediate point of reference of what is being sold to Nomura,’ he added.

Meanwhile, accountant John Darlington has been drafted onto the board of directors and will assume full control of financial affairs.

PwC report slams troubled Dome

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