Darling attacks SNP’s local income tax plan

Chancellor Alistair Darling yesterday launched an attack on SNP’s key policy
of local income tax. He also dismissed the SNP’s call for oil tax revenues to be
distributed to Scotland and for a ‘fuel tax regulator’ to limit the rising price
of fuel.

The told The Scotsman the SNP’s ‘sums do not add up’ and local
income tax would be a ‘massive mistake’.

He revealed that, despite its claims to be waiting for answers from the
Treasury, the Scottish Government was ‘refusing to talk’ to the UK government.

Meanwhile, Alex Salmond, the First Minister and leader of Scotland’s first
Nationalist administration, was telling MSPs at Holyrood of the ‘fury’ in
Scotland over the UK government’s refusal to use its oil-tax windfall to help
families and companies cope with crippling fuel prices.

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