Nuclear and weapons plants hit by millennium bug, according to KPMG research group

A Year 2000 Research centre founded by the two groups as reported that energy appears to have been the worst hit sector, with seven US nuclear plants and one weapons plant reportedly affected, two Japanese nuclear plants hit and less specific energy problems reported in Spain and Nigeria.

The financial sector was the next most affected with even the Bank of England’s deputy governor admitting some minor glitches. KPMG clocked a total of 10 reports of problems including some on the Canadian stock exchange, brokers in Pakistan having to write orders by hand and corporate banking problems in a Danish bank.

There were also serious failures in the medical field with Sweden reported to have seen equipment breakdowns and US authorities warning about failure of dialysis machines.

There were also some less severe problems. Slot machines in Delaware failed and Jamaica’s Gleaner newspaper reported traffic lights ‘out of service’ due to the bug.

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