Smith & Williamson wins Dunfermline Building Society valuation

Dunfermline Building Society will be valued by Smith & Williamson’s head
of valuations Ian Burns.

The Bank of
had prevented the building society from going bust last
year, with Nationwide taking over its branches in March.

Burns will have a number of tasks, including reviewing costs involved in the
resolution of Dunfermline and reviewing potential compensation issues.

“This project will make for a very exacting assignment; I am delighted to
have been appointed and am looking forward to working with my team to get to
grips with the issues involved,” said Burns.

An independent appointment panel dealt with the tender on behalf of the
chaired by ICAEW chief executive Michael Izza, and Anthony fry, Michael Howlin
and Louise Tulett.

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eyes up valuer for troubled Dunfermline bank

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