CODA offers new accounting solution

Coda, winners of the 2001 Accountancy Age award for best enterprise software package, has aimed CODA-Planning at enterprise-wide business analytics.

The new solution has been added to CODA’s financial intelligence suite to close the gap between financial accounting and procurement and the often manual planning functions such as budgeting, forecasting and consolidation of figures for departments or subsidiaries.

The new software, which combines CODA-Intelligence with Cognos Finance business intelligence technology, provides non-stop activity reporting and planning rather than basing it on monthly or quarterly figures.

Tim Tribe, CODA’s head of product marketing said the software worked to reconcile the gap between top-down high level objectives and bottom-up raw business drivers.

It uses a spreadsheet-like structure that includes full workflow control to record who is working on what part of the planning process – all feeding into a high level plan.

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