Taking Stock – Between the covers.

For those who would rather run down the influence of ‘dismal feminist garbage’, Faith Popcorn, that scion of female business writers, is hitting back with a book revealing just how much commercial power women have.

Indeed Popcorn, along with co-writer Lys Marigold, in their new work eve-olution (get it?), points out women have become ‘the most influential consumer force in history’.

It’s a warning to all those stuck somewhere in the nineteenth century.

Popcorn’s point is a simple one: if you want to sell a product, know your market and get your marketing right.

Most marketing gets it all wrong because it misunderstands the way women buy. Women do not buy brands, they join them. That is to say a passing customer buys your brand, a lasting customer ‘joins’ it.

With this revelation the author sets off on her new testament marketing bible according to the word of Popcorn. The language is portentous but you can’t help the nagging feeling there’s some insight here well beyond the ordinary. ?:

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