New chairman at the AADB

A new chairman has been appointed at the Accountancy and Actuarial Discipline

Timothy Walker is to step into the role, combined with that of executive
director of the Financial Reporting Council, following the decision of current
chairman, Mike Fogden, to not seek a further term of office.

Walker retired from the Civil Service in 2005 after a distinguished career,
his last post being Director General of the Health and Safety Executive. His
current interests include a major non-executive director role in the National
Health Service and some arts and charitable activities. Since 2006, he has been
Third Church Estates Commissioner.

During his Civil Service career, Walker worked on a number of high profile
regulatory matters, including privatisation of the utility industry. He also
worked with a number of nationalised industries, including BT, British Nuclear
Fuels Ltd and the Post Office.

He has extensive European and international experience and, in particular, a
deep knowledge of the institutions of the European Union.

Commenting on the appointment, Sir Christopher Hogg, FRC Chair, said: ‘I am
delighted that Timothy Walker has agreed to become the next Chair of the AADB. I
am confident that his wide and deep experience of public service in general and
regulatory issues in particular will be of great value not only to the AADB, but
also to the FRC as a whole.’

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