Public sector must outsource

In an interview with our sister title Accountancy Age, Gordon Hurst
suggested that public sector organisations would be acting negligently if they
were not even considering the prospect of outsourcing.

‘I think with outsourcing now pretty prevalent for 10 or 15 years in various
forms, to some extent, if a public sector organisation isn’t even considering
outsourcing, it is not going through all the options that it could and should be
looking at,’ he said.

The market for outsourcing and consulting was also ‘going fantastically’,
Hurst added.

He cited figures from research company Ovum suggesting a growth in
outsourcing of 12% a year between now and 2009.

‘There is obviously a push from government and Treasury for the public sector
to be well managed and efficient,’ Hurst said. ‘The public also wants to see
public sector activities run better.’

Responding to media attacks on his company, dubbed ‘Crapita’ by some, Hurst
shrugged off the criticism: ‘It’s something that goes with the territory.

‘If you are doing something which is big and high profile and new, and may
not be that popular with the public, you are putting yourself up for that.’

In the interview, Hurst also discusses the remarkable rise of Capita, which
was bought out of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance Accountants (CIPFA)
in 1987.

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