AdSlot1 Fantasy Budget competition

This year’s prize is bigger and better than ever – 100 pounds worth of theatre vouchers to be used anywhere in the country. So if you are clairvoyant or the chancellor of the exchequer you should stand a good chance.

Decide what your answers are, and email them to us at – don’t forget to include your answer for the tie-breaker at the bottom. The deadline is 1pm on Tuesday 21 March.

Will the chancellor:
1 Close inheritance tax loopholes: YES or NO
2 Cut betting tax: YES or NO
3 Increase duty on beer: YES or NO
4 Abolish stamp duty for shares: YES or NO
5 Increase stamp duty on properties worth over £250,000: YES or NO
6 Allow the carry back and forward of pension contributions: YES or NO
7 Widen the 10% tax band: YES or NO
8 Introduce a ‘health service’ tax: YES or NO
9 Reduce NI for share options to benefit e-biz companies: YES or NO
10 Scrap future Budgets with immediate effect: YES or NO

The chancellor will speak for ….. mins …… secs.

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