Taking Stock: That’s pathetic, Shierson

Link: Grant Thornton calls in ITV Digital boxes

But that’s exactly what TS had to endure when the radio was switched on this morning.

The story goes that ITV Digital wants its set top boxes back, or will charge the hapless consumer 40 quid to keep them. It gets more interesting when we learn that top ten firm and ITV Digital liquidator, Grant Thornton, would be appearing live on Radio 5 Live to defend the scheme.

Cue a nervous sounding Malcolm Shierson, partner at Grant Thornton, and the man behind the scheme. Here’s an excerpt of how it went.

Victoria Derbyshire, Radio 5 Live presenter: ‘What if we don’t pay up?’
Derbyshire: ‘Hello.’
Shierson: ‘Yes, hello.’
Derbyshire: ‘What if we don’t pay up?’
Shierson: ‘I will deal initially with those that will pay up.’
Cue Victoria Derbyshire rant.
Shierson: ‘Er, I…I, er, I want the box back.’
Derbyshire: ‘Sorry Malcolm it sounded a bit pathetic when you said “I want it back.” People won’t take you seriously.’

Derbyshire later accepted that it was a little unfair to have three interviewers against one interviewee.

TS, on the other hand, rather enjoyed it.

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