Goddard raises stakes in Touche Ross claim

Former Touche Ross consultant Ken Goddard has raised his civil claim against the firm to more than #100,000, despite failing to press criminal charges against it.

Goddard, who has been pursuing a claim for unfair dismissal for two-and-a-half years, formally complained last year to the City of London police that the firm had ‘stolen’ his contact database.

A spokesman for Deloitte & Touche said last week, however, that the police wrote at the end of February, informing the firm no further action would be taken.

‘It’s a “seeded” list, so I’ve got proof D&T is using my database,’ Goddard said. ‘But the police don’t understand the issue and are not sure what to do with it. I will have to wait on the outcome of my civil case.’ Deloittes is defending the case, arguing that, under the terms of Goddard’s contract, it already owns the list.

In addition to his #25,000 claim for unfair dismissal, Goddard decided to ‘raise the stakes’ this month by lodging a further claim for an additional #70,000 to compensate him for the firm’s misappropriation of his list.

Goddard claims he was unfairly dismissed as an internal audit consultant with Touche Ross Services in St Albans when he faced trial on perjury charges. He launched the claim against the firm – now part of Deloittes – after being acquitted in April 1997. The case has reached the discovery stage before the Mayor and Cities Court.

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