Corporate pressure forces foreign dividend tax rethink

The Treasury
is being forced to rethink the policy of taxing foreign dividends, as
experts warn that multinationals are shunning the UK in favour of countries with
more lenient corporate tax regimes.

The Treasury has also come under pressure from the
European Court of Justice
, which ruled last year that the final tax charge on a foreign dividend
should not be greater than the charge on a domestic dividend.

The Times
reports today that the Treasury will have to reconsider corporate taxation
if it is to remain competitive.

‘I think they will have to look at taxing foreign profits. If a foreign
company asked a tax adviser where it should locate in Europe, I don’t think he
would recommend the UK as a first choice,’ Ian Brimicombe, head of tax at
AstraZeneca said.

Last week Kraft Foods said it would follow Colgate-Palmolive and Procter and
Gamble to Switzerland and cited taxation as one of the reasons for its move.

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