Final rant by former PwC employee sparks internet sensation

A failed PricewaterhouseCoopers aspirant has exited the organisation in
spectacular fashion, mocking the world’s biggest accounting firm with vitriol
in an email which has become an internet sensation.

“I’m leaving because I failed the exams and now I have to leave. I hope to
pursue a career as a mudlark down Limehouse way or possibly as one of the more
well-dressed tramps,” said the former PwC employee.

The derisory rant, titled: “My last day at PwC: a fable” was mass emailed to
a number of associates and ridicules PwC’s glossy corporate image.

“Is there a team of people lurking about in Embankment place whose only duty
is to pump out corporate drivel?” he wrote in the email.

“I look forward immensely to never having to attend an event in which our
beloved leaders stand up and tell us we’ve massively exceeded budget, so in
reward we get no bonuses and instead we get the treat of listening to Coldplay
while quotes from the greatest leaders of our times are played across a screen.”

PwC said it would not comment on the email specifically but did point out
that 700 graduates are offered three-year training contracts with the firm every
year and that about 88% of candidates pass their training contracts and are
offered positions with the firm.

The emailer finishes his tirade addressing “those of you of you I’m not
actually friends with” hoping that they continue “to manage avoiding staying in

“I have a personal email, so if you want to send me anything (I can’t imagine
why you would), just guess it. If it’s meant to be I’ll get it,” he wrote.

“I’ve left some treats in the group area. Not really. Bye”

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