Tories demand more time for Finance Bill

Link: CIOT wants better scrutiny of Finance Bill

Shadow Commons Leader Eric Forth formally protested at the government’s decision to limit the final stages of the approval process for the Bill to one day – Tuesday 1 July.

Forth said he was quite prepared to delay the summer holidays for a further two days to provide more time for this legislation and the controversial Health and Social Care Bill reforming the NHS.

He said there was ‘no reason whatsoever’ why MPs could not give up two days from their holidays to fulfil their duties.

But Commons leader Peter Hain insisted one day for report and a third reading of the Finance Bill was ‘fully adequate time for the scrutiny required at that stage in the parliamentary process’ following a line-by-line examination in committee.

He made it clear he was committed to a timetable that will see the Commons close down on Thursday 17 July – around a week earlier than normal.

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