Treasury ‘fag packet’ tax regime blasted

The CBI president has lambasted the Treasury for policymaking that seemed to
have ‘been drawn up on the back of a fag packet’.

Martin Broughton, CBI president and also chairman of British Airways, made
his comments in a speech during a lunch at which new chief secretary to the
Treasury Yvette Cooper was present, reported
Daily Telegraph

He slammed proposed changes to the tax regime as damaging the government’s
stand on encouraging the enterprise culture, comments that will put more
pressure on Alistair Darling prior to the Budget.

Broughton said that since Darling became Chancellor, the changes he has
introduced ‘pulled the rug out from under the Government’s decade-long effort to
encourage an enterprise culture’.

‘In his final days as chancellor [Gordon Brown] gave a triumphant speech
about the City and its prospects… we’ve all had a bit of a reality check over
the past six months,’ said Broughton.

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