Queen’s Flight costs were ‘ten times higher’

The addition of fixed costs as calculated by the National Audit Office (in a
2001 report) have pushed up the cost of Tony Blair and his ministers using the
royal flight on trips to the EU by ten times the original amount.

The PM’s 22 trips to Brussels between 2002 and 2004 was originally said to be
£32,421, but including the NAO’s calculation, this goes up to £283,953.

Gordon Brown total of 38 trips add up to £28,000, but with fixed costs soar
to £264,000, while Margaret Beckett, the Environment Secretary’s 23 flights
total £210,000.

According to The Times, the MoD said that the NAO report had
recommended using the lower figure.

A leading tax expert has claimed the PM should pay taxes on using the Queen’s
Flight for a holiday with his family. Downing Street claims the trip also
included government business.

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