HMRC’s e-filing software gaining ground

Third party software is taking a backseat compared to HMRC’s own electronic
filing offering according to the latest figures for self assessment, released by
the tax office

The tax man managed to grad a much larger portion of the market from external
software providers for electronic filing as more users opt for HMRC’s own system
compared to 2008 figures.

E-filing continues to increase in popularity with a record 5,759,006 accounts
filed online compared with 3,743,949 filed in 2008.

Over 1.6m users submitted returns via HMRC while 4.1m chose third party
offerings in 2009. Compared to 2008, which saw just 982,205 use HMRC systems and
over 2.7m using third party software.

Dennis Keeling, business intelligence founder and former BASDA chief
executive said: ‘the majority of accountants prefer to use spreadsheets then
they’ll use the online filing.’

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