CIMA survey shows women grads earn less than men

Women starting out in their careers are being paid less than men, a CIMA
survey has found.

On average, males earn 9% more than females (£33,463 compared to £30,633)
although this increased to 11% once bonuses are taken into account.

CIMA uncovered the disparity in its Global Salary Survey , which also said
83% of UK CIMA students are confident they will keep their current position
during the coming twelve months. However around half of those polled were still
considering moving.

Ray Perry, director of brand at CIMA, said:

‘Despite the current economic climate and the toughest job market in decades,
CIMA students remain confident of their job security. The portability of the
qualification is also demonstrated as one in five CIMA students surveyed intend
to move abroad in the next two years.’

He added:

‘At a time when there is downward pressure on salaries it is encouraging to
see management accounting students reporting promotion prospects, salary
increases and increasing levels of happiness as they progress through the CIMA
qualification. While there is enormous pressure to cut costs, investing in the
training and development of the financial business leaders of the future is

‘The role of the management accountant in helping businesses survive and
thrive has never been more important so there has never been a better time to be
a CIMA student.’

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