Hays stands by disqualified director

A spokesman for the company told that Hays had taken note of the announcement by the Treasury solicitor that Pout was given disqualification undertaking for six years.

But he added: ‘Hays continues to employ Mr Pout, though not as director of any company.’

‘Whilst at Hays Mr Pout has carried out his role with integrity,’ said the spokesman adding the board and auditor Deloitte & Touche are ‘entirely satisfied’ with all of his work.

Pout is expected to continue to work in an ‘equally senior’ role as his previous job as finance director of the company’s subsidiary Hays Personnel. The spokesman said Pout had resigned from that role but was unable to say when.

An unnamed ‘senior accountant’ from the parent company will replace Pout while the company recruits another finance director.

The spokesman said Pout had told Hays about his former employment prior to joining the company in 1989.

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