Neville Russell set for Europe

Neville Russell is in discussions to build a European partnership with associate firms in the Nexia network.

National senior partner John Mellows said it is a ‘strong possibility’ that Neville Russell could soon become a key element of a full European partnership. He said: ‘There needs to be a stronger pan-European grouping for one-currency euro. Nexia has got to address it.’

He said the merger plans and global strategies of the Big Six had created ‘an increasing gap’ across Europe. Mellows said: ‘It is an opportunity for mid-tier firms to pick up work.’

Outlining his vision of the new entity, Mellows said the partnership would be a one-name integrated partnership, with an umbrella organisation having common ownership. ‘It would be driven by structures of the firm and the laws of each country, within a common management,’ he said.

Mellows explained the development of the partnership was likely to take place in stages. ‘It will happen in bits, starting with a close alliance between nations where interests are common in terms of work, size and client relationships.’ No deadline has been given for a new partnership but he stressed the need of the firm to get bigger as ‘it adds to the credibility of the firm’.

Mellows said no network had developed into a full European partnership yet because member firms were still controlled nationally. Robson Rhodes has set up a European corporate finance network, but it is yet to develop into a full pan-European service.

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