Bourn cleared by PAC after expenses storm

nao office

A high-level probe has cleared Sir John Bourn of any wrongdoing in the wake
of a damaging expenses row.

In clearing him, the
believed that there was a need for a more transparent system for the comptroller
and auditor general’s travel expenses in light of the public concern.

It said: ‘Such a system would include prior oversight of the travel expenses
by someone other than the comptroller and auditor general, and reporting of them
subsequently to the chairman of the commission; the commission could then, if it
wished, question the comptroller and auditor general in public about them at its
regular meetings.

Earlier this year, the head of the National Audit Office the body entrusted
with keeping an eye on spending in government departments, found himself at the
centre of a storm after a £336,000 expenses bill came to light.

The bill spanned three years, but caused controversy as the details revealed
stays at top flight hotels and extensive transatlantic travel.

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