MCA award puts value on openness

Consultancy firms and top businesses are becoming more open about how they conduct business and promote their successes, according to the MCA.

This growing trend was reflected in consultancy firms’ high response rate to the Management Consultancies Association’s 1997 Management Business Improvement Award.

“It seems to me that the market is loosening up but it is not as loose as some would like,” said Bruce Petter, the newly appointed executive director of the MCA. “There is still an absolute requirement for confidentiality in terms of contracts. But some firms quite clearly see the value in being able to talk about their successes.”

Petter said it was important for consultancy to be seen in a positive light. He believes this award will encourage more firms to use consultants as well as dispel any myths in the market.

“The award also encourages good practice,” he said. “We are trying to underline the point that management consultants are wealth creators.

We are trying quite hard to get something before the public so that it can see that they do make this contribution.”

The award is divided into four categories: strategy, human resources, marketing and IT. Case studies and entries for the award must be submitted by the beginning of August. They will be judged in September and October, and the winners will receive their awards in November this year.

“We hope that we will hear from people who have not yet come forward when they realise that information can be couched in terms that ensure client confidentiality is not breached,” Petter added.

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