New ICAEW agenda to boost ‘enterprise’

At the top of the agenda of the ‘enterprise programme’ is a commitment to providing advice and services to small and medium sized business.

Groom said the ICAEW would provide ‘concise, yet authoritative guides’ on issues such as e-commerce, strategy & planning and marketing, specifically tailored for the SME market.

In addition, the institute would endeavour to provide improved services, including careful consideration of pricing structures for services offered.

A task force is to be set up with the aim of establishing best practice benchmarks for creating the ‘modern general practice’ and a programme is planned to facilitate the smooth movement of young chartered accountants from practice into the business world.

Other initiatives include promoting the role of independent directors by setting up joint ventures with business organisations, contributing on community enterprises such as urban regeneration and enhancing the institute’s website as a source of high quality information.

A number of high-profile events are also planned for the year including a national conference in London, a regionally based conference and a European event in Brussels.

Groom said the programme would ‘highlight’ the institute’s ‘substantial contribution to the economy as key drivers of enterprise.

‘Chartered accountants play a pivotal role in most successful business enterprises offering the strategic business guidance essential for growth.’

The programme would also provide ‘practical guidance to its members’ to ensure their clients and employers received ‘added value’ advice, he said.


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