Netsky.b worm spreading fast

Link; So.Big worm is top of the virus charts (

Anti-virus software vendor McAfee’s Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team (Avert) said the worm’s infection rate had reached 40-50 PCs an hour.

A memory resident mass mailer, the worm copies itself to folders on drives ‘C:-Z:’ including the words ‘shared’ or ‘sharing,’ presumably to achieve P2P propagation.

After being executed, the worm emails itself out as an attachment with a randomly chosen filename.

Avert added that they believe the worm may attempt to clean up the MyDoom backdoor by deleting the registry keys that load it at the system start-up.

The attachment may have a double-extension such as .rtf.pif and may be contained in a .ZIP file.

The email includes a variety of messages including ‘I have your password!’, ‘about me’, ‘anything ok?’ and ‘do you?’

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