Winners may lose in Customs internet betting crackdown.

Changes in the law may be proposed in next year’s Finance Bill to ‘modernise tax regimes, moving tax to another part of the business chain’.

The hint about the crackdown to come came in a report from the powerful Public Accounts Committee ordering Customs to do more to stem losses of up to #100m a year in revenue from taxes on gambling.

It was urged by chairman David Davis following a report highlighting the risks to revenue from one-armed-bandits and other amusement machines, and illegal betting and perfectly legal betting with bookmakers overseas by telephone and internet.

MPs welcomed Customs’ initiatives to address threatened losses through planned reforms of betting duty and working through the OECD, but cautioned: ‘Given the estimated losses of revenue, there is a risk the department’s coverage will be insufficient to protect the integrity of gambling duties and miss opportunities to protect and increase revenue levels.’

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