Selfridges calls egm to resolve dividend concerns

Link: New FD takes over at Selfridges

Phil Clarke, Selfridges’ finance director, said documentation would be released on this matter following the egm, but said this would not ‘affect the company’s accounts’.

The revelation came as the board of Selfridges plc recommended the offer of 392.25p per share of Oxford Acquisitions Limited, a subsidiary of Wittington Investments, Limited, controlled by Galen Weston, a Canadian private holding company.

Clarke declined to give any more details about the dividend payouts and said he could not comment any further until after the egm.

In a statement the company said: ‘Selfridges has been advised that [certain technical matters related to dividend payments between 1998 and 2002] will have no significant consequences for the Company. OAL has confirmed to Selfridges and the Selfridges Directors that it supports this proposal and that it will vote any Selfridges Shares which it holds or may acquire in favour of such resolutions

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