Operation May Day mayhem.

Ernst & Young is among the accountancy firms and institutes making security preparations for the planned May Day protests in the City of London, writes Gavin Hinks.

In previous years, the demonstrations have ended in violence and the destruction of property.

Though unwilling to discuss details, E&Y has been in discussion with other City institutions to discuss preparations and is ‘gathering intelligence’ for the event. Special meetings are said to have taken place among City firms and organisations to establish a strategy to deal with the protest.

The ICAEW, with its offices based at Moorgate, said it intends to meet with the police and other organisations to discuss the problem but has not as yet finalised any decision about what measures to take.

The Metropolitan Police commissioner, where Sir John Stevens (above, left) has already said security is being tightened for the first week in May as intelligence points to a protest on 1 May, a Tuesday, and not the actual May Day as it was last year.

The Met and City of London Police have been coordinating a joint operation for some months in preparation for a protest.

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