‘Bra and knickers’ website a hoax

According to reports in Tuesday’s Daily Telegraph, a cheating ex had been immortalised online in 21 pictures wearing only the red underwear and a pair of cowboy boots.

A message accompanying the pictures stated: ‘Thought you might enjoy this. Tom asked me never to show these to anyone … VENGEANCE IS MINE!!!! This is Tom Shepherd. He lives in Caerphilly and likes to dress in ladies underwear. Girls, beware, he is a liar and a cheat.’

But UCP’s UK office said the story was a promotional stunt for its new photo messaging service ‘cheeez’.

Edward Orr, managing director at UCP UK, said: ‘We wanted to get some interest for cheeez and were pleasantly surprised to get over 100,000 hits on the site today.’

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