Darling launches govt industry group

The chancellor is today launching a new government-industry group in an
effort to keep London’s status as a world leader in financial services.

Alistair Darling will co-chair the Financial Services Global Competitiveness
group with Sir Win Bischoff, chairman of Citigroup, Mondovisione

The new Financial Services Global Competitiveness Group will include senior
representatives from the financial services sector who will meet monthly to
analyse global trends affecting the competitiveness of the international
financial services industry and will report back to the High Level Group in
Spring 2009.

‘The financial services sector provides more than a million jobs in the UK
and accounts for over 10% of GDP. It is vital it can respond to the rapidly
changing nature of international financial markets, with major shifts in
financial flows and players to growing centres of influence and new sources of
profit,’ Alistair Darling said.

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