Taking Stock – Baker Tilly’s Parritt is done up like a kipper.

Baker Tilly chairman Clive Parritt, recently appeared on new BBC radio station, London Live, to talk entertainment – in an accounting sense – but found himself trapped in a conversation about fashion. Before Clive could remove himself from a potentially embarrassing situation, the presenter asked: ‘You’re a dapper man in your blazer, it’s hard to imagine you having a fashion disaster. Have you ever worn a puffball skirt?’ TS gripped its transistor with one hand and pen in another, hoping Clive would confess to a past of blue eyeliner and stripy legwarmers. Unfortunately not. Emphatically, Clive told listeners he had not worn said skirt but was not without his own tale of sartorial woe. ‘I had one of those kipper ties,’ he confessed. BBC interviewers are Rotweillers. ‘You went through a psychedelic phase then,’ persisted the presenter. ‘Yes,’ said Clive, with the brevity of a man who has strayed miles from the subject he had been called in to discuss.

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