Trouble at RSPCA over former Railtrack chief

Link: Railtrack chief slams ‘accountants’

The row erupted as the cash-strapped charity attempts to choose a successor to chief executive Peter Davies in a decision expected to take place tonight.

The favourite in the shortlist is former liberal democrat MP Jackie Ballard, who has worked as a social worker and a college lecturer.

But the dissenting members are concerned Ballard does not have the necessary financial experience to carry out the reforms the charity is planning to implement as it faces financial difficulties.

Citing an RSPCA source, the Daily Telegraph reported the people threatening to resign prefer accountant Marshall despite fears that his involvement with the fallen rail company will hold the charity up to ridicule.

The source said: ‘[Ballard] has not run a large organisation and has no experience with finance, and that is where the RSPCA faces real problems at the moment.’

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