CODA hunts SunSystems prey

CODA , the business
software group, has launched an aggressive package of measures targeted at
System’s Union clients.

The bold move has been launched to lure users of Systems Union’s
SunSystems product,
after Systems Union was taken over by forceful consolidator Infor.

CODA is offering SunsSystems users who are unhappy following the Infor
takeover with access to ex-Systems Union staff and incentives for clients making
the switch to CODA. CODA is also developing migration tools to ease the switch
to CODA’s systems.

‘Since the Infor
acquisition we have been approached by many ex-Systems Union staff looking
for positions.

‘The ease with which they have been able to learn the CODA products
highlighted the strong similarities between the two systems, and with their
skills we can now provide services to existing SunSystems clients and help them
when they wish to move to CODA,’ said Steve Dashwood, managing director of CODA
Great Britain.

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