A week in the life: Anne Redston


First day of the year. Returned with husband from two-week Christmas cycling holiday in Spain.

Followed the sun (yes, there was some) around Valencia doing about 40 miles a day. Aiming to start the new year feeling more fit and energetic.


Got into the office to find 350 e-mails waiting for me – had expected a lot, but not this many. Luckily I had kept my diary clear to deal with the backlog.

Caught up on one or two projects and had a couple of internal meetings.

Very quiet in the office. Always a bit of a shock coming back to work after a break. You remember you like your job, but you can’t always remember why.


Morning meeting with the Inland Revenue at Somerset House. Took all morning but it was fairly productive. Had a Chinese lesson over lunch. I speak Mandarin, but if I don’t use it regularly I forget it.

The afternoon was taken up researching for some tax cases involving share buyback rules.


Things seem to have got more back to normal after the holidays – starting to get e-mails and calls from clients again.

Helping with a tax investigation settlement case, and arranged a meeting with the Revenue about it.

Had a meeting with Ernst & Young’s executive search and recruitment arm for an update on the impact of IR35 on temporary executives.

People always assume IR35 affects just IT consultants, but the impact goes much wider than that. Also did some work on the way the IR35 rules affect subcontractors in the building industry for a client.

Had a meeting with the Low Income Tax Reform Group – I am its CIoT council representative – to talk about some work on the way the tax system affects students. It is due to be published shortly.


More work on share buyback tax cases. Met the new technical officer for Chartered Institute of Taxation personal taxes committee and had lunch with her and Heather Self of the CIoT.

Worked on some year-end issues for insurance clients.

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