Sex email epidemic in accountancy

Link: Porn surfers get the boot

Of the 100 professionals working in the accounting industry who were questioned, 58% said they were unable to resist opening inappropriate emails, while more than a third (39%) went one step further and circulated the emails to colleagues and friends.

Worryingly, two-thirds of respondents said they knew sending an email was as legally binding as writing and posting a message on a staff noticeboard, but still continued to do it anyway.

Thirty percent lay the blame for offensive emails with junior staff.

According to email filtering company SurfControl, who conducted the survey, the amount of offensive material being distributed across office networks has reached epidemic proportions, threatening the reputation of the industry.

SurfControl CEO Steve Purdham said: ‘All Internet content that enters, circulates and leaves any company’s network carries a risk. This survey has uncovered how misguided the accountancy profession is when it comes to understanding the damage e-mail misuse can inflict on corporate reputation.’

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