PwC: public sector should maximise outsourcing

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A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers has revealed that while outsourcing is
perceived to be working well as a delivery model, the public sector has yet to
realise the full potential of the benefits.

The firm found that two-thirds of respondents believed that outsourcing helps
the public sector achieve its anticipated benefits.

Two-thirds of respondents also felt they had the right relationship with
their service provider and there was overall satisfaction (87%) with the
financial robustness brought by the private sector.

However, the survey revealed that there is more to be done to improve both
the working relationships and the outcome of the contracts.

Roger de Montfort, partner, at PwC, said: ‘There are some interesting
learnings for the public sector to ensure that the benefits of outsourcing are
maximised, both in the future and in contracts currently in operation.’

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