Accountants beating a path to Westminster

Lib Dem

David Alexander

Up against Rt Hon Henry McLeish (Lab) with a majority of 13,713.

David Amess
Southend West. With a majority of 2,615 swing could be an important factor.

Peter Ashenden
High Peak. Sitting MP’s, Tim Levitt’s (Lab) majority not huge (8,791) but if there is a change it’s likely the constituency will revert to the Tories.

Gordon Beever
Colne Valley. Kali Mountfield’s (Lab) majority is smallish, 4,840. Tories would be the likely beneficiaries of possible change.

Peter Bone
Wellingborough. Sitting MP, Paul Stinchcombe’s (Lab) majority is microscopic (187).

Rt Hon Keith Bradley MP
Manchester Witherington. Labour’s Deputy Chief Whip is safe in this Labour stronghold.

Robert Bryant
Bromley & Chislehurst. Up against Eric Forth (Con). UKIP could have an interesting impact on the Tory vote but unlikely to win.

Mahmood Chaudhry
Birmingham, Ladywood.Up against Rt Hon Clare Short (Lab) with a majority of 23,000.

Harry Cohen MP
Leyton & Wanstead. Majority of 15,186. Safe.

Helena Cole
Havant. Up against Tory frontbencher David Willetts (Con) with a majority of 3,729. Labour is likely to benefit from any change.

David Devine
Neath. The incumbent MP is Peter Hain (Lab) with a healthy majority of 26,000.

Julia Drown MP
South Swindon. Majority of 5,645 isn’t huge but probably safe.

Alex Feakes
Beckenham. Jaqui Lait MP’s (Con) majority is only 1,227. Labour would be the likely beneficiaries of any swing.

Michael Foster MP
Worcester. Majority of 7,425. But the Hunting Bill could have tested the country people’s patience.

Mark Gayler
Copeland. Up against Rt Hon Jack Cunningham with an 11,000 majority.

Nick Gibb MP
Bognor Regis & Littlehampton.All depends on swing but has a majority of 7,321.

Justine Greening
Ealing, Acton & Shepherd’s Bush.Up against sitting MP Clive Soley with a majority of 15,647.

David Griffiths
Clwyd South. Sitting MP, Martyn Jones has a majority of 13,810.

Mark Harper
Forest of Dean. Sitting Labour MP, Diana Organ’s majority is 6,343. Swing would be crucial.

Rt Hon David Heathcoat-Amory MP
Wells. With a majority of 528 he’s quite exposed.

Mark Hoban
Fareham. Replacing Sir Peter Lloyd with a 10,000 majority.

John Horne
Western Isles. Labour has a majority of 3,576 with the SNP pushing hard.

Paul James
Gloucester. The Tories lost this seat to Labour at the last election. With a majority of 8,259. Dependent on swing.

Paul Lorber
Brent North. Barry Gardiner MP’s (Lab) majority is small but the Tories would be the likely beneficiaries of a change.

Karen Lumley
Redditch. Up against Jacqui Smith (Lab) a junior minister with a majority of 6,125.

Edward McGrady MP
South Down. Seems safe enough. UUP are his nearest rivals.

Neil MacGregor
Erewash. Up against Labour incumbent who beat Angela Knight (Con) at the last election. It will be tough to overhaul a 9,135 majority.

James Mather
Ayr. SNP haven’t been strong in this seat. The Tory PPC is a former incumbent – Phil Gallie.

Michael Mitchell
Selby. With a Labour majority of 3,836, it’s all down to swing.

Michael Moore MP
Tweedle. Ettrick & Lauderdale.Constituency is considered a LD/Con marginal. Could go either way.

Christopher Naylor
Epping Forrest. The Tories have a 5,252 majority. A good barometer of Essex’s verdict on New Labour in government.

Ian Parry
Cynon Valley. Up against longstanding MP Ann Clwyd.

Seth Proctor
North Thanet. The Tory’s majority is small but Labour would be the likely beneficiary of a change.

Ali Qadar
Sheffield Central. A safe Labour seat.

Anthony Scholefield
Gillingham. Labour has a very small majority but UKIP is likely to split the Tory vote rather than win.

Tony Schur
Suffolk Coastal. Labour is likely to be the beneficiary of any change.

Mike Sole
Faversham & mid Kent. Labour is likely to be the winner of any change.

Robin Squire
Hornchurch. Robin Squire was the constituency MP until 1997.

David Taylor MP
Labour / Co-operative. North West Leicestershire. Taylor should be safe.

Peter Wild
Wolverhampton SE. Incumbent Dennis Turner (Labour) looks very safe.

David Yeoward
Milton Keynes NE. All to play for with a Labour majority of only 240. Tories likely to benefit from change.

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