Enterprise carbon software has a leader

An environmental consultancy which also provides software, energy and
financial help to companies has named this year’s best environmental accounting
system as IHS.

US-based Groom Energy Solutions named IHS as an enterprise carbon accounting
emerging leader for its work in the environmental, health and safety (EHS)
software market,

‘Effective corporate strategies for addressing climate change need to
encompass not just emissions management and reporting, but also the financial
aspects of cap and trade programs’ said Mark Wysong, IHS VP environment.

‘By deploying systems to manage climate change data all the way through from
operations to emissions trading, companies can not only meet the emerging
reporting and emission reduction regulatory challenges, but also optimise the
value of their emissions allowance portfolios and potentially turn their EHS
department from a cost center to a profit center,’ he added.

IHS were announced the leaders in the Groom Energy Solutions’ report
‘Enterprise carbon accounting: an analysis of organisation-level greenhouse gas
reporting and a review of emerging GHG software products’.

Groom Energy Solutions has estimated demand for enterprise carbon accounting
software will quadruple between 2008 and 2011.

The company forecasts demand from investors, customers, employees and
governments will force companies to compile more accurate data, and eventually
will ‘track’ emissions similarly to how they track revenue and expenses.

Groom Energy Solutions also predicts enterprise carbon software will be used
in the same way that financial software automates financial data management
processes in the future.

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