IT will ‘relieve’ reporting worries

Link: FDs to blame for IT stagnation

Nine out of ten finance professionals surveyed by Cartesis said technology had made ‘a significant impact on the quality and relevance of financial data’.

Furthermore, 78% said investing in new technology was the best way to add value to financial data.

Technology was seen as the catalyst, ‘allowing more detailed, multi-dimensional analysis of data to enable finance staff to work to strategic ends, rather than purely on compliance-based activities’.

Marie-Noelle Gauthier, CEO of Cartesis, said. ‘The fact that IT is the major driver for change implies that many departments have realised that their accounting and reporting systems are not aligned to the needs of the current environment. Equally, respondents appear to realise that, by putting the right technology in place, they can address most of their pain points, rather than just focusing purely on corporate governance.’

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